7 Signs you’re meant to be an Actor.

7 Signs you're meant to be an Actor

Being an actor means that, whether it’s on a film set or a theatre stage, you’ll have to do your job in front of many people. You need the ability to concentration and continuously remaining focused, in character, no matter what. If that is you, then you are a step ahead of many others already.


Acting is a daunting but highly satisfying, and most importantly, enjoyable career option. Many people dream of being actors and joining the Bollywood A-lister elite, but the road is not for all.


A right of passage as a child is the use of your imagination. Acting is the perfect way to learn about your thoughts, impulses, and gestures. If you’re an outgoing kid, then you’ve probably been told to become an actor. But what, if you’re shy or quiet, is it right for you to act?


They are also encouraged to take part in school development, playing or music as children grow up. A good thing to try is acting. If you are an ebullient kid, a great outlet is outgoing, social, acting. You could hear “you are a natural-born actor.” But you may have heard “Why don’t you take an acting class?” if you were shy or more reserved. These can be encounters that mark you and give you the taste of becoming an actor, which will help you be more relaxed in front of people.


You thought that you were heard, validated, exalted. You may have been hooked by the acting bug right then and there and said, “I want to be an actor when I grow up,” but how do you know if you really want to pursue a career in acting?


Being an actor might seem convenient, but it isn’t. You’re going to have to represent multiple characters that are steering away from who you really are. Not many who try it excel, because it’s a challenging career. There is a built-in dilemma as an actor: the proportion of time spent actually working versus spent preparing for that work is quite lopsided. Years and years of preparation, listening, and witnessing the unavoidable career-related emotional ups and downs are compensated with fractional and disproportionate rewards. That is to say, you plan a lot for a little success. In addition, the time spent in training and planning can be fraught with its own collection of difficulties.


So what are the chances that tomorrow you will become a great star? To begin with, if you analyze yourself, it could be useful. There are those who are born to act and there are others who are not really blessed with it. Hence, if the signs of a born actor are present in you, it will be beneficial. 


1. Being Charismatic

In the entertainment business, being charismatic will go a long way. It is infectious to have a positive personality, and when crew members work on set for long hours, it’s easier to be around someone who lifts you up than brings you down. As a consequence, in future productions, you will be remembered and more likely to get cast. People love you even though there’s nothing you say or do? It’s all really important to your future success as an actor because of your charm.

Irfan Khan charismatic

2. If you find performing in front of others fun you’re already a step ahead in being an actor.

Stage fright and anxiety are very challenging, and millions of people are affected. Many individuals are terrified of speaking in front of others, let alone being the object of attention. But, finally, if you find satisfaction in performing in front of others and are able to deal with the pressure of acting on stage, memorizing lines, or dealing with challenging scenes, then acting might be the right profession for you. In your gut, you feel the fire to express yourself artistically. What you have to say is greater than the outcome, the paycheck, the contract that is repeated, the quotation, or the awards. In the journey, you are invested. You’re booking jobs or creating them yourself! 

It’s supposed that performing is fun. “Have fun,” you hear that all the time. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to endure the trials and tribulation that we all go along with the trip, it means in the middle of how rough it is. There are times of fun and you never lose your sense of humor when you look back on all of it.

3. You dream about being an actor.

After watching any award functions on TV, have you ever found yourself thanking your parents and your drama teacher, staring at the mirror, and holding a bottle of shampoo? It’s a cliche thing, but there are a lot of us who have done something similar. It’s a good dream to have, and maybe it’s something that keeps you motivated through the hard times. Only remember to wake up and take action so that your dreams will become reality. You keep hearing the magic call that gnaws from your stomach. You’re learning why you want this so much. You know that you’re denying your talent if you don’t use yourself as an actor. In your gut, you feel the fire to express yourself artistically.

bollywood - being an actor

4. You can easily make people laugh.

Making people laugh is an attribute that can be helpful for a lot of careers, and for actors in particular. It would be fun to use your sense of humor in auditions and interviews, even if you are not trying to make a career of acting in comedies. Comedy is about observing the hidden truths in life that everyone knows but nobody has ever quite articulated. And humor is about how to articulate that truth in such a way that people feel momentarily unsafe and confused (the setup) and relieved (the punchline).

5. You care about your look.

Your friends make fun of you when you spend a lot of time preparing for a meeting or just for going out with them? It’s great that you do it because being an actor you have to look great all the time. Whether you’re in Bollywood or Hollywood, this is an industry obsessed with looks, because it has to be. 

6. You have a strong imagination.

Strong imagination is important for being an actor. One of the reasons many people chose acting as a profession in the first place is that they love to use their imaginations. Acting is making a piece of art that everyone can view differently, so it’s all about acting. So, if you love to imagine different things and ideas on stage or anywhere else, then as an actor, you certainly should give yourself a chance. 

7. It's not about the money.

Being an actor doesn’t always mean you will be rich. Not a lot of money is earned by many performers. That said, for a few months of work, Bollywood A-listers are able to walk away with millions of dollars. Many aspiring actors, meanwhile, work several jobs to pay their bills. If this isn’t a big problem for you, then it could be great for you to act on one sign.

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